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Beginning Tuesday, June 30th, even with the 1 year delay of the blower door and mechanical ventilation requirements of the 5th Edition Florida Building Code, the remaining requirements still call for serious decision making on the part of the builder and energy consulting team.

The SkyeTec team has determined the best alternatives to help you stay on track, pass the code, and do it cost-effectively.

The new challenge is that without the blower door test results on the EPL card, the e-ratio score will be too high to pass code unless you choose one of the following options:

  • Declare the results of your performance testing on the EPL card.  A duct leakage test with verified leakage results under 4 percent will lower the e-ratio score to pass.  Combined with the results of the blower door test, this performance path will ensure that each home passes code.  This is also the most cost-effective option for achieving compliance.
  • Follow the Prescriptive Requirements.  Your homes will also pass if you choose to follow the prescriptive requirements for your climate zone, which include passing a blower door test with 5ACH50 or less, and a duct blaster test with 4 percent leakage or less.

Without following either of these options it will be challenging to pass the energy code and could increase your costs significantly, and result in delays in obtaining the CO.  SkyeTec’s team of experts can work with you to develop a plan for compliance that is simple, economical, and makes the transition smooth.

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