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A happy home buyer is one of the greatest marketing assets that a builder can have, that’s why a comprehensive quality control program is such a crucial piece of the construction process.  However, schedules and deadlines are often tight and potential deficiencies of a home may be overlooked.  SkyeTec can alleviate this problem with our Quality Control (QC) program.  Our inspectors identify any construction deficiencies in the home, helping you to meet your customer’s expectations and reduce warranty repair costs.

SkyeTec’s QC program also includes access to the SkyeTrac Client Portal which enables you to track the performance of your trades and see any areas where adjustments or additional training may be necessary. Following a QC inspection, an email notification is delivered to you and any trade that had findings requiring further attention, allowing for prompt corrective action to prevent costly delays. A detailed inspection report including photographs is also provided to you.

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Even if you have a quality control program in place, SkyeTec can save you time and add the objectivity and third party validation that can be challenging to maintain internally. For more information on the SkyeTec Quality Control program, call us at 904.482.4000 or 1.866.SKYETEC.