Less than 2 months from now, Alabama’s residential energy code will change from the 2009 IRC to the 2015 Alabama Residential Energy Code, which combines parts of the 2009, 2012, and 2015 IECC.  The updated code contains significant changes that will have an impact on a builder’s overall process.  However, with early preparation, builders  can keep their process moving smoothly and help prevent delays in obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy.


October 1st, 2016


In order to pass the new energy code, each home must:

  • Test at 4% duct leakage or less
  • Pass the Blower Door (House Infiltration) Test with 5ACH50 or less
  • Obtain an ERI (Energy Rating Index) Score of 70 or less (Performance Path)
  • Utilize 75% high-efficacy lighting
  • Install windows with a U-Factor of .50 and SHGC of .30
  • Insulate ceilings with R-30 and frame walls with R-13
  • Weatherstrip attic hatches with R-5 insulation
  • Use IC Rated can lights

SkyeTec is equipped to readily provide energy code testing and training services to make the switch an easy transition.  Our expertise and use of technology ensures that official documentation is available to the building official shortly after a passing test.  SkyeTec understands the importance of getting the Certificate of Occupancy on time and works with builders to make sure it happens.

For more information on Alabama’s new energy code or SkyeTec’s energy code services, call 1.866.SKYETEC (1.866.759.3832).