Florida Energy Code Compliance

Duct Leakage and Blower Door testing for Florida’s Residential Energy Code

The 5th Edition (2015) Florida Energy Code requires Blower Door testing for all residential homes and multi-family buildings (3 stories or less).  SkyeTec provides Blower Door testing,  Duct Leakage testing,  and the associated training to make energy code compliance simple and prevent delays.

Florida’s Residential Energy Code requires that:

  • Each house/unit pass a Blower Door test with 7 air changes per hour (7 ACH50) or less
  • Documentation of verified duct leakage test results is required when declaring a value other than a default (Prescriptive or Performance Path)
  • Mechanical Ventilation is implemented for houses that test at 3 air changes per hour (3 ACH50) or less for the Blower Door test

Why Rely on SkyeTec for Your Code Compliance Needs?

We are equipped to readily provide energy code compliance services throughout the entire state, to builders of any volume.  Our use of technology ensures that official documentation is available for the building official following a passing test.  SkyeTec understands the importance of a timely Certificate of Occupancy.

Blower Door Testing

The Blower Door test provides the potential size and amount of air leakage through the building envelope.  The greater the amount, the less energy efficient the home will be.  Passing a Blower Door test is now a requirement for many different state residential energy codes, including Florida.


Duct Leakage Testing

Duct testing provides the approximate total amount of air leakage through the duct system.  This information enables the builder to identify air leakage areas, provide needed air sealing if necessary, and increase the energy efficiency of the home.

SkyeTec is the preferred Energy Services Provider of the Florida Home Builders Association

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