Private Provider Inspections

SkyeTec performs the mandatory building code inspections in accordance with Florida Statute 553.791 in association with the local building department to assure compliance with the Florida Building Code and to keep the project moving quickly along to completion.  SkyeTec’s licensed inspectors perform the mandatory building code inspections associated with the construction of the General Building, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing.

During the construction phase, the owner/contractor schedules the inspections by calling, faxing, or emailing the Private Provider Inspection Request form with the necessary inspection information (date, time, permit number, inspection required).  Our licensed inspector then performs the inspections, signs off on the inspection placard, and completes an inspection report. The inspection report is left on-site with a designated representative and a file containing all inspection reports performed must be kept on-site and presented to either the City’s Inspector or Building Official upon request.  SkyeTec emails or faxes a copy of each inspection report to the Building Official within 2 days of each inspection.  Upon completion and approval of all required inspections, SkyeTec prepares a certificate of compliance and delivers this package to the job-site.

To learn more about SkyeTec’s Private Provider Inspections, call 904.482.4000.