Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Chinese Drywall or Odorous Drywall Inspections

It has been reported that certain types of drywall can release sulfur-like odorous components. These compounds can corrode air conditioning coils and other copper-bearing materials, causing them to be replaced repeatedly. SkyeTec’s Odorous Drywall inspection gathers information on the type and patterns of damage that may be related

SkyeTec offers:

  • Building and environmental science consulting to provide immediate closure to your most complex problems
  • Un-biased and comprehensive protocols to safely and efficiently resolve any issue
  • Expertise regarding the severity and the source of the issue
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment
  • Litigation support

Carbon Monoxide & Dioxide Assessments

Carbon Dioxide

The assessment includes real-times measurement for carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a normal metabolic by-product of human respiration and has become a recognized standard indicator for IAQ. Elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration can be an indication of excessive building occupant load, poor air circulation, or limited fresh air intake and mixing. ASHRAE recommends that indoor CO2 levels not exceed 700 ppm above outdoor levels.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a byproduct of combustion. CO can be a concern in indoor environments where poorly ventilated appliances are present or where outdoor air intakes are located in areas subject to high concentrations of vehicle exhaust. CO is also present in significant quantities in tobacco smoke and can be present in detectable concentrations inside buildings where smoking areas are located an insufficient distance from building entrances. OSHA has established a permissible exposure limit for CO of 50 ppm as an 8-hour time-weighted average. Lower concentrations of CO, if present, can be cause for concern and should be evaluated further to determine possible source(s).

Cause & Origin Assessment

SkyeTec’s cause and origin assessment is an investigation into the cause and origin of water entry, microbial growth, or unusual odors within a building. This inspection utilizes diagnostic instruments, knowledge of building systems, and deductive logic to determine the cause and origin of the environmental issue and make recommendations to bring the job to closure.

Due Diligence

SkyeTec offers Due Diligence assessments to determine the presence and extent of visible microbial (mold) growth and/or unusual moisture conditions within common areas, major mechanical areas/systems and approximately 10% of the apartment/condominium units at the property.

Our scope of work will include an interview of a representative(s) of the property, review of available work order logs, a visual assessment of easily accessible interior and exterior areas, a moisture survey, a non-invasive evaluation of the HVAC system, and measurement of interior and exterior temperature and relative humidity. SkyeTec will also conduct an infra-red evaluation of the exterior building envelope to assist in determining if any areas of ongoing moisture intrusion are present within the building as well as an infrared scan of the interior units. SkyeTec will perform the evaluation utilizing, digital moisture meters, other appropriate technology, and in-house technical expertise. Invasive/destructive sampling and assessment, disassembly of mechanical equipment, sampling and laboratory analysis are not included in this proposal. SkyeTec will prepare a report that summarizes our findings and provides our conclusions and recommendations for additional evaluation, if warranted.

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