LEED IEQ Credits

Achieve Points Needed for Existing Building & New Construction Registered Projects

SkyeTec provides Energy, Engineering, and Indoor Environmental services to help you achieve the LEED points you need for both Existing Building and New Construction registered projects.

LEED for Existing Buildings

SkyeTec offers the following services for LEED Operations & Maintenance Credit Fulfillment:

  • IAQ Best Management Practices-IAQ Management Program
  • IAQ Management Plan-Management for Facility Alterations & Additions

LEED for New Construction Credit Fulfillment

In conjunction with a LEED Accredited Professional (architect, engineer, or contractor), SkyeTec offers the following services for these specific LEED New Construction credits:

  • Construction IAQ Management Plan (during construction)
  • Indoor air quality problems resulting from the construction/renovation process are reduced by developing an IAQ Management Plan that meets or exceeds SMACNA guidelines, protects stored materials onsite and uses proper filtration media during and after construction.

Construction IAQ Management Plan (before occupancy)

SkyeTec assists in developing and implementing an IAQ Plan before tenant occupancy. With all finishes installed, SkyeTec can provide Air Quality Testing to ensure that levels of contaminants do not exceed the maximum concentrations.

Mold Prevention

SkyeTec will develop a specific project plan to minimize moisture related issues and alleviate the potential for mold growth. Periodic site visits, verification of conditions and clear documentation are the basis of this LEED credit.

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