ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes

Partner with SkyeTec to build ENERGY STAR Certified homes

SkyeTec provides the expertise, energy ratings, and experience needed for ENERGY STAR certification of your homes.  As consultants, we work with you throughout construction to verify that the home is on track to meet the program requirements.

We have been a proud ENERGY STAR partner since 2008 and have certified nearly 30,000 homes for the program.  This experience combined with our trained and certified team of field inspectors enables us to readily provide recommendations and solutions to any challenge you may face when building an ENERGY STAR home.

Our Process

  • SkyeTec will conduct a Thermal Bypass inspection during the pre-drywall stage of construction. This inspection will verify insulation installation, windows, duct sealing, framing techniques, and other items that are visible at this stage of construction.
  • Upon completion of the house, SkyeTec will conduct the final inspection. During this inspection, the Blower Door and Duct Leakage tests are performed and items such as lighting, appliances, and sealing are verified.
  • If items are idenfitied during either inspection that require corrective action or attention, the field inspector will notify you

Data When You Need It

SkyeTec integrates technology with our energy ratings to put valuable information in your hands while also creating a smooth inspection process that maintains your construction schedule.  Our ENERGY STAR program customers receive access to the SkyeTrac Client Portal, our online interactive tool for real-time inspection data, results, and statistical reporting.

SkyeTec was a key factor in our original decision to become an ENERGY STAR® builder.  Their staff is always available to train or review questions and concerns we have.  We feel like SkyeTec truly understands how to meet ENERGY STAR’s goals, while keeping the challenges that Ryland faces in this market as a production builder in mind.   SkyeTec has not only started the Tampa division with the program, but also continued to guide us and other divisions through the ENERGY STAR changes to deliver the most energy efficient homes for our customers.

Kimberly Nedeau

Purchasing Manager, Ryland Homes-Tampa

With SkyeTec as your Energy Rater and consultant, earning the ENERGY STAR label is simple.

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