Lead Based Paint Inspections

Immediate & Accurate Detection of Lead Based Paint

SkyeTec provides lead based paint inspections and consulting services for properties built prior to 1978. A lead based paint inspection will detect any traces of the harmful paint that may be present in a home or building. SkyeTec’s lead based paint inspection scope of work includes:

  • Mobilization of qualified personnel to the property
  • Visual observations
  • Collection of paint chip samples
  • Evaluation of suspect lead paint areas with an X-Ray Fluorescence analyzer (XRF)
  • Determination of confirmed lead paint and preparation of a technical report

Paint chip samples collected during the lead based paint inspection are analyzed by EMSL Analytical, an American Industrial Hygiene Association accredited lab. The technical report identifies areas of confirmed lead based paint that will be quantified and demarcated on floor plans/sketches. The report also includes recommendations for handling lead based paint during renovation or demolition, as applicable. SkyeTec can also provide clearance testing of rehabilitated properties upon completion of renovation work and prior to occupancy.

SkyeTec utilizes cutting edge technology for lead based paint inspections with the use of the XRF analyzer. XRF testing is performed using a hand-held instrument and provides immediate, quantitative results for lead content in paint. When used by a trained, certified Lead Inspector or Risk Assessor, XRF testing is approved by EPA and HUD and has become the most popular method for detecting lead in paint.