In 2013 PulteGroup began the Built to Honor™ program which provides mortgage-free homes to deserving wounded veterans throughout the country.  Since then, with the help and donations of various suppliers and contractors like SkyeTec, PulteGroup has built 30 homes worth over $9 million for wounded veterans.

Today the program’s 31st home will be revealed and the keys will be presented to Sergeant Mario Murray and his family in Florence, New Jersey. SkyeTec was delighted to take part in this great program and provide our energy rating services to ensure that the Murray family home is energy efficient.

We worked with PulteGroup throughout the construction process to determine the steps to take in order to make the home as energy efficient as possible. Just recently when construction was wrapping up, we conducted our final performance testing to determine the official HERS Index score.  The HERS Index score provides a measure of the home’s overall energy efficiency, similar to the MPG rating for a car. The lower this score is, the better, as a low score means low utility bills and a more thermally comfortable home.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to show our thanks for Sergeant Murray’s service and hope that he and his family will enjoy their new home.

For more information on the PulteGroup Built to Honor program, click here.

For more information on HERS Index Scores, visit hersindex.com