Streamlining the inspection process from the field to the final deliverable

SkyeTec integrates technology or “SkyeTecnology” with our service offerings to provide clients with the valuable data that drives many of their business and building decisions, while simplifying and expediting the overall inspection process.

On-Site Data Collection & Automation:SkyeTecnology

  • Enjoy real-time inspection results & reports uploaded from a tablet directly in the field
  • Maintain your construction schedule without delay
  • Automated email reports keep you and your trades informed
  • Inspection reminder emails drastically reduce dry-runs and save you money

SkyeTecnology Client PortalThe SkyeTrac® Client Portal

  • Track your home or project’s performance from the neighborhood level to the corporate level with the ability to compare your results to industry averages
  • Convenient, 24/7 access available at your fingertips
  • Secure access to and storage of your inspection data

Commercial Trade Coordination

  • Emails automatically sent to trades responsible for corrections or follow up visits
  • Easily manage trade performance & activity
  • Increase efficiency of trades
  • Save time by eliminating the need to contact trades when corrections are needed

Enjoy an enhanced inspection experience with SkyeTecnology. Contact SkyeTec for more information at 1.866.SKYETEC (1.866.759.3832) or info@skyetec.com.