As of July 1st, 2017, all new residential construction in Florida must pass a Blower Door test as part of the 5th Edition Energy Conservation Code, this includes multi-family buildings three stories or less (R101.5.1.1). Each unit must score 7 air changes per hour (7ACH50) or less for the Blower Door test in order for the building to receive the Certificate of Occupancy.

The Blower Door test simulates if a home/unit has wind blowing against it at 20 miles per hour, the total volume of air within the home would exchange with the outside air 7 times.  The 20 mph wind is equivalent to 50 Pascals (Pa) pressure difference which is simulated using the Blower Door Fan.  All units are tested at this 50 Pa pressure difference to allow for comparisons to be made between homes/structures, no matter the size or plan type.

SkyeTec has conducted over 68,000 Blower Door tests and provides the expertise needed to pass and keep your project on track to receive the CO. For more information on the Blower Door test, check out our FAQs or call John Warren at 904.859.7889.