New data provided by RESNET, shows that a total of 227,840 homes received a HERS Index Score in 2017, an increase of 21,257 homes compared to 2016.  At the state level, the top 6 states with the highest number of HERS Rated homes are:

  • Texas-44,680 homes
  • Arizona-20,599 homes
  • Florida- 15,996
  • North Carolina- 15,545 homes
  • Colorado-11,340
  • Indiana- 9,781

SkyeTec is proud to have conducted the HERS Index Rating on 8,309 (52%) of all of the homes that received a HERS Score in Florida last year.  In recent years, we have seen a steady increase in the number of builders that are aware of the HERS Index Rating Program and the benefits that if offers them and their home buyers.

The report also shows that homes continue to be built more energy efficient. In 2017, the national average HERS Index Score dropped to a 59 versus the 2016 average of 62, and homes built in 2017 were 38% more energy efficient than a home built in 2006.  This is great news for the home buyer when it comes to energy cost savings, thermal comfort, and the environment.

Interested in joining the growing number of builders that are building HERS Rated homes? Visit our HERS Rating Program page for more information or call us at 866.759.3832.