Moisture Management & Quality Control (M2QC)

The Moisture Management + Quality Control Program (M2QC) is a combination of detailed quality control and moisture intrusion inspections, performed at critical points during construction.

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Moisture Management Quality Control Inspections

Reduce Water Damage Liability

Mitigate Environmental Concerns

Cost-Effective Analysis

The M2QC Program

SkyeTec’s Moisture Management & Quality Control (M2QC) program identifies potential water-related and quality issues in new multifamily and hospitality projects. As a 3rd party Risk Management consultant, SkyeTec partners closely with our customers to integrate this preventative inspection approach with clear, concise trade reporting to engage them in the resolution process. A series of targeted inspections of the building interior allows our technicians to document and report issues throughout construction, reducing the associated risk & liability for your project. M2QC is a proven and cost-effective program that results in a higher quality product, fewer indoor air quality issues and reduced long-term maintenance for the owner.

  • Reduced risk and liability for moisture and indoor air quality concerns

  • Validation of construction

  • Improved quality

  • Third-party validation

  • Reduced warranty costs

  • Lower long-term maintenance costs

  • Clear overview of trade performance and issue resolution

  • Enhanced control over corrections and repairs

  • Improved customer satisfaction

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