Moisture Management + Quality Control

Why Implement the Moisture Management and Quality Control Program?

Did you know that the average cost for kitchen replacement and repair from a water event is $15,000-$25,000? The SkyeTec Moisture Management and Quality Control (M2QC) program is designed to identify, document, and report water-related issues early in construction to reduce liability associated with water damage.  As a third-party consultant, SkyeTec targets those conditions that either lead to water damage or are currently impacting building materials.  This comprehensive assessment program is designed to integrate a preventative approach with concise diagnosis and unbiased analysis to mitigate indoor environmental concerns.  We provide a practical and cost-effective program that brings value to your project through higher quality, market differentiation, reduced long-term maintenance, and limited risk and liability for indoor environmental issues, including mold.

Verify and document your project conditions throughout the construction process.

When it comes to commercial building, construction time is of the essence.  SkyeTec’s reporting of moisture related items and envelope infiltration helps to alleviate the constraints of time by simplifying and expediting project and trade management for the contractor.

The Moisture Management and Quality Control (M2QC) program is a combination of detailed quality control and moisture intrusion inspections, performed at critical points during construction.  M2QC identifies issues before they turn into costly problems. Early detection of quality or moisture issues provides the contractor and their trades the ability to make corrections during construction, helping to maintain the construction schedule and keep correction costs down.

Our technology allows for real-time field verification that delivers concise reporting and visual support of all findings.  These findings are clearly identified and can be sorted into trade specific findings reports.

Implement SkyeTec’s Moisture Management and Quality Control program for your apartment, student housing, condo, or senior living project and enjoy the benefits! For more information call us at 1.866.759.3832