NAVFAC Moisture Control Specification

Proven, Cost-Effective Solutions for Moisture Control Specifications

NAVFAC established a Moisture Control Specification for a LEED ID Credit within 2.3.1 Sustainable Design. The intent is to establish and implement a moisture control strategy for controlling moisture flows and condensation to prevent building damage and mold contamination.

Over 11 years ago, SkyeTec developed a proprietary program for Moisture Prevention called the SkyeTec Vertification Program, which became the basis for NAVFAC’s Moisture Control Specification. To date, we have performed more than 500,000 voluntary onsite inspections, identifying moisture intrusion and mold issues during construction. This program has reduced moisture related building degradation and potentially harmful indoor air quality concerns, and has proven to help contractors save money and reduce liability.

The basic requirements for the LEED ID Credit include the following:

  • Control moisture in stored materials
  • Verify sealing of floor & wall penetrations
  • Verify integrity of ductwork & plumbing
  • Verify relative humidity & temperature
  • Verify proper installation of building envelope materials
  • Verify contractor’s methods to prevent moisture issues
  • Address & document unexpected water events
  • Provide maintenance guidelines for moisture control

SkyeTec will help reduce the opportunities for moisture intrusion during construction and help you deliver a higher quality project at turnover, satisfying the requirements of the NAVFAC Moisture Control Specification.

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