Punch Out Inspections

Increase homeowner satisfaction and save an average of 300 dollars per house on new homeowner call-back costs

The SkyeTec Punch Out inspection is a point-in-time inspection consisting of a multi-point electronic report conducted upon completion of a home.  This multi-point punch-list inspects various items of the property including meter boxes, garage doors, appliances, paint, cabinetry, escutcheon plates, sills, tubs, showers, flooring, window screens, drywall, doors, and other items.  The goal of this inspection is to visually document observed conditions so that any corrections can be made prior to homeowner occupancy.

Even if you currently have a quality assurance program in place, SkyeTec adds the objectivity and third-party validation that can be difficult to maintain internally. Our trained analysts and inspectors are versed in the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines as well as indoor environmental standards.

    SkyeTec’s Punch Out Inspection:

    • Assesses multiple quality points and integrates seamlessly into overall QA program
    • Objectively helps your staff meet the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines
    • Utilizes SkyeTecnology to auto-generate detailed reports of findings and trends in findings
    • Findings and reports are available 24/7 at your fingertips via the Client Portal
    • Dramatically reduces warranty call-out costs and increases customer satisfaction
    • Saves on overhead and post-closing repairs
    • Streamlines scheduling, inspection, and reporting processes
    • Alleviates staffing deficiencies