Energy Code Compliance/ Blower Door and Duct Leakage Testing

Our comprehensive and objective approach to overall energy efficiency makes energy code compliance simple

Quick Turnaround Time

SkyeTec gets testing results to you and the building official quickly by utilizing technology to input results into the required documentation while on-site.  If a home does not pass a test, we immediately notify the builder and provide suggestions on what to do in order to pass.

Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

Your homes may be eligible for a federal energy efficiency tax credit (45L).  SkyeTec uses approved tax credit software to generate the required documentation, detailing the homes specifications and calculations that demonstrate the homes eligibility for the tax credit.

Blower Door Testing FAQs

Answers to the most common questions regarding the Blower Door test.

Blower Door Testing

The Blower Door test provides the potential size and amount of air leakage through the building envelope.  The greater the amount, the less energy efficient the home will be.  Passing a Blower Door test is now a requirement for many different state residential energy codes, including Florida.


Duct Leakage Testing

Duct testing provides the approximate total amount of air leakage through the duct system.  This information enables the builder to identify air leakage areas, provide needed air sealing if necessary, and increase the energy efficiency of the home.

Achieve the required energy code results for your homes with Blower Door and/or Duct Leakage testing from SkyeTec