Mold Assessments

Evaluate the Impact of Moisture and Mold on Indoor Conditions

mold assessmentDo You Have a Mold Concern?

  • Is mold growth visible in the property?
  • Is there a persistent odor present?
  • Are there signs of water damage or moisture intrusion?
  • Is anyone in the home or building experiencing health issues that could be related to the indoor air quality?

If mold is visible or suspected in your home or building, or if an unusual, musty odor is prevalent, contact our Indoor Environmental professionals for unbiased solutions. SkyeTec has no vested interest in the extent of the damage or contamination, so trust us to provide a clear and accurate mold assessment. Microbial sampling is also available if necessary.

SkyeTec’s mold assessment includes:

  • Visual assessment of the property
  • Moisture Survey
  • Measurement of temperature and relative humidity
  • Photographs of the damage
  • Air and surface sampling (if requested)
  • Borescope use (if necessary)
  • Detailed report of the findings with recommendations for cost-effective resolution

All mold assessments are performed by SkyeTec’s licensed Mold Inspectors. Our inspectors have over a decade of experience in providing the solutions needed to correct any mold or moisture concern.