Save Time and Increase Your Bottom Line

Currently available in the state of Florida only, SkyeTec’s Third Party Quality Construction inspections provide an in-depth analysis of a house at various stages of the construction process, utilizing qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods.  These multiple inspections identify potential issues that could turn into costly problems and ensure a home is on target to meet the builder qualifications.

SkyeTec’s trained and experience field inspectors perform detailed inspections of the following:

  • Concrete Slab/Foundation (OR Footing with Stem Wall)
  • Masonry Tie Beam and Lintel
  • Wall and Roof Sheathing
  • Structural Framing, Floors, Walls, and Roof
  • House-Wrap, Self-Adhered Flashing Tape and Sill Pan Flashing
  • Stucco Lath Building Paper
  • Stucco Accessories (Control Loint, Casing Bead, Weep Screed)
  • Stucco in Progress
  • Stucco Thickness (verified by stucco coring)

During the end stage of construction, a final inspection is completed to verify:

  • All electrical outlets are functioning
  • All toilets and faucets are functioning
  • Exposed plumbing has no leaks
  • Closets, doors, and windows are functioning and door bottoms clear the carpet for return air
  • Exterior meets compliance for architectural elevation
  • Lights are functioning
  • Switches are functioning
  • Electrical panel box is properly labeled
  • Condenser is anchored down and electrical whips are secured
  • Condenser drain meets code
  • Exterior sealants at penetrations comply with the Florida Building Code and manufacturer’s specifications
  • Dry paint millage
  • Exterior grading is properly sloped away from building face

For more information on our Third Party Quality Construction inspections, contact us at 904.482.4000